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Casselberry Pool Cleaning

Casselberry Pool Cleaning

Casselberry Pool Cleaning Service

SunBelt Pool Service Company of Casselberry not only strives to keep your swimming pool clean and clear we will help you with any issues or concerns you may have about your pool and spa. We have compiled a list below of the
most frequently asked questions from our Orlando pool cleaning customers about their pool and/or spa. If you have any other questions not mentioned here, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Commonly asked questions about Casselberry swimming pool cleaning and spa care:

1. Several causes of a cloudy pool could be the pH is not in proper range, high amounts of calcium or the filter needs to be cleaned. Make sure all levels are within proper range and then clean the filter. If you have a sand filter, this doesn't necessarily mean to replace the sand but clean the filter with a filter cleanser.

2. Clean your pool filter periodically by rinsing or backwashing to remove most of the dirt. Grease, oils and scale can build up on removable elements and cause short filter runs, reduced circulation and water that doesn't want to clear up.

3. Carefully follow directions when adding algaecide to your pool. If the dosage amount is incorrect it won't kill any of the algae. Using the entire bottle of algaecide is ineffective and can lead to staining and foaming in your swimming pool or spa.

4. Routine shock treatment is necessary to destroy water contaminates that reduce the efficiency of the disinfectant or sanitizer. Contaminates like hair spray, suntan oil, cosmetics and other organic materials react with chlorine and causes eye or skin irritations and an unpleasant chlorine odor. Most often pools are inaccurately accused of having too much chlorine when this problem is present.

5. Generally it is safe to use your pool after chemicals have dispersed throughout the pool, usually 15 minutes to one hour. If superchlorinating your pool, wait until the chlorine levels drops to recommended levels.

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